Flyway News

June 3 - Riley - GCH Flyway Farms Templeton Rye BN RATI DJ WC - earns his Junior Hunter! Congrats to handler, Eric, and Michelle!

May 28 - Hearty congrats to Paul and Diana Brink on puppy, Silhouette's, owner-handled best of breed major win over specials!

May 22 - Our new cheapest Champion - CH Quills Flight Status / Pilot - finished in two weekends with 19 points and 4 majors! Thanks to Luke & Tammy Seidlitz for piloting Pilot in the ring.

May 11 - Vixen adds a WCX to her name - GCh Ch Kistryl Kid Vixen JH WCX. Many thanks to Cheryl Baca / Cheryl's Dog Training for training and handling Vixen to this title, and keeping her tail wagging the whole way through.

April 24 - Cheap Champion Vixen becomes Cheap GRAND Champion Vixen - GCH Ch Kistryl Kid Vixen JH WC. Thanks to Team Seidlitz for always presenting the wag machine to her best.

Mar. 11 - Juneaux (Blazingstar Kishinena) finished her bench Championship!

Old news . . .

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Summer of Love!
From the field to the ring, the Brat Pack rocked it at the 2016 National Specialty . . .
Minnow (Ch Windfall Ripple in Still Water MH WCX QAA**) WINS the Qualifying to become Qualified All Age, JAMs Steady Singles, finishes her Master Hunter title, qualifies for the FCRSA Hall of Fame, WINS Master Hunter gundog sweeps, and places 2nd in the Field Trial class (thanks Liz Saunders!).
• Kismet (Flyway Farms Kiss Kiss Bang Bang SH WCX) places 3rd in the Qualifying, JAMs Steady Singles, and earns two Master Hunter passes.
• Vixen!!!! (GCh Kistryl Kid Vixen JH WCX) JAMs Steady Singles, earns two Senior Hunter passes (thanks Cheryl Baca!), and places 3rd in a large and competitive Working class (thanks Tracey Fudge!).
• Roxxy (GCh Ch Wingmaster Olly Olly Oxen Free JH WC) WINS the Working class and makes it all the way to the last cut in BOB (thanks Nikki Runyan!).

Boy Wonder (GCh Ch Flyway Farms Boom Boom Pow MH WCX HOF**) WINS the Field Trial class, stands to the last cut in BOB (thanks Wendy Tisdall), and WINS the Stud Dog class with Roxxy and Vixen in tow (thanks Judy Gladson, Wendy, and Nikki!)
• Pilot (Ch Quills Flight Status WC) JAMs Unsteady Singles, earns his Working Certificate, and places 4th in Open Dog.

. . . . all while having a blast with friends old and new, from near and far!

Our puppy plans:

• Juneaux (Ch Blazingstar Kishinena) has been bred to Floyd (DCH ES15 GjW14 DJCH DJCHVDH Black Amanda's Punchline) for a dual-purpose litter of black and liver puppies expected late June. This litter is spoken for.

• Kismet (FF Kiss Kiss Bang Bang SH WCX) was bred to Rizer (Ch Wingmaster Early Rizer SH WCX) in June. We expect a hard-running working litter of all black puppies. Preference will be given to performance, hunting, and active homes.

• Boy Wonder (GCH FF Boom Boom Pow MH WCX** HOF) has a litter pending at Prairelight Kennel in Saskatoon, Canada out of the lovely Solo (Prairelight the One and Only).

We're happy to provide referrals and sometimes have leads on older dogs and rescues as well. We also welcome farm visitors interested in learning more about our retrievers, so don't hesitate to shoot us an email.

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