Anton is named for the composer, Anton Bruckner, and his work, Te Deum.

Anton's nicknames: Happy-go-lucky, The Runt

Anton's song: Te Deum

DOB: 2/20/08
OFA: 'Good' hips, 'Normal' elbows and patellas, CERF 'Clear'
Anton's pedigree
Antons's littermates

Co-owned and loved by Kelly Chambliss and David Kunkle, Anton is a handsome and happy-go-lucky chap who wags his way through all of life’s great adventures, especially those involving his big ‘bro’ Gustav (Ardenwood’s Gustav as a Wayfarer SH WCX). The stars aligned when evaluating Anton’s litter as my field pick and a conformation favorite were one in the same, and David and Kelly were hoping to do both. They managed to survive the wild ride of Anton’s puppy-hood and thanks to their dedicated training, Anton is showing great promise in his hunt test and show career. As David and Kelly live locally and train and hunt on the same grounds that I do, I’ve been fortunate to watch him grow-up and always enjoy his farm visits. Aside from his stunning good looks and remarkable field ability, I’m especially pleased with his temperament – confident, unflappable, and socially easy-going, Anton integrates well into the pack when he visits and is an easy dog to fall in love with. 

In the field, Anton is a stylish retriever with excellent marking abilities. He earned his first JH leg just before his first birthday and finished his title soonafter, going 4 for 4 in tests. But he was only getting started - Anton went on to earn his WC with signature flying water entries and his Senior Hunter by earning his first leg at 25 months. He takes pressure well, learns quickly, and is a pliable and willing worker. Anton confidently holds lines on very long marks and through obstacles, is fearless in water and cover, and calm and steady at the line. He demonstrates memory, water aptitude, and overall trainability. Anton is currently running Master tests and hopes to add a MH to his list of titles.

Anton is a moderate and athletic dog not lacking in bone. He has a level topline and angulation that is well complemented by his length of loin, all translating into clean, ground-covering movement. Though racey in build, Anton has a broad front and deep chest. Anton sports a super typey yet masculine head, complemented by very dark eyes, free-floating brows, and a melt-your-heart expression. His coat is of correct length and texture. Anton finished his Championship very quickly, bringing home points at every show weekend.