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The Boy Wonder is Layla's singleton puppy from her breeding to Jet (Crufts BIS, Eng Sh Ch Vbos the Kentuckian). He survived a rough introduction to life and is hence, The Boy Wonder.

Boy Wonder's nicknames: Boy, Joy Boy, Brat

Boy Wonder's song: BEP - Boom Boom Pow (he's so 3000 and 8)

DOB: 4/27/09
OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows and Patellas, OFA eye cleared annualy, Gonioscopy unaffected, Cardiac screened clear by echo annually

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Special from the start, Boy Wonder is the only puppy from Layla's breeding to Jet. What Boy's litter lacked in quantity, he more than makes up for in quality, and he is everything I could possibly want in my bestest canine buddy.

Proving that singleton pups needn't be socially maladjusted, the Boy is friendly and outgoing, bombproof in any situation, and utterly adaptable. Boy Wonder is fearless without being reckless, and bold without being brash. An opportunist for fun who greets each day with gusto, Boy also boasts an excellent sense of humor. Boy Wonder is an energetic dog requiring lots of daily exercise and engagement.

At work, the Boy demonstrates intense focus, desire and work ethic. A natural talent with a whole lotta heart, Boy gives 110% to any task I ask of him, even boring drills. His courage and drive are complemented by sensibility and trainability. He has a lot of bottom for a Flatcoat and rises to the rigors of advanced training and big marks. Though his speed and enthusiasm demonstrate an unparalled love of the retrieving game, Boy Wonder possesses a cool and collected working attitude. The Boy has been a bold water dog since his first swim at 5 weeks old. Quick to mature, Boy Wonder earned his WC at 6 months, his Junior Hunter in two weeks at 11 months old, JAMmed the Steady Singles competition at 13 months, and picked up an all-breed Derby JAM before ageing out. At the 2012 Specialty, Boy went 5 for 5, earning a Qualifying JAM, a Steady Singles JAM, a Senior Hunter leg, a Master Hunter leg, and his WCX, all in 3 days . . . he never missed a step. Boy is a Master Hunter and hopes to run some all-breed qualifyings in the future. Boy Wonder is also a proficient, versatile hunting companion, from ducks and geese to pheasant and chuckar.

Boy Wonder is a balanced and athletic dog of a workmanlike build - moderate size, angulation, and length. He is a very powerful dog of excellent bone and spring of rib. A solid topline, long and strong neck, pronounced prow, proper tail-set, and correct coat unite to create a gorgeous silhouette. Lacking extremes or over-refinement, Boy's head is best described as of an English gundog type. A dark almond eye, intelligent expression, proper ear size and set, and tight feet complete the package. The Boy moves with extraordinary reach and drive, though close moving in the rear. Boy placed second in a large puppy sweepstakes class at the 2010 Specialty. He finished his Championship with a 5 point BOB win under Judge Faulkner and earned his Grand Championship in two weekends of specialing, all with BOB majors. In limited showing in 2014, Boy Wonder scored a prestigious Westminster invitation and won multiple group placings including a Group 2 following a GWFCRC supported breed win from the field trial class. Our thanks to handler Luke Seidlitz and his team for presenting Boy Wonder to his best.

I am forever grateful to Jim and Carole Irvine of Vbos Flat-coats in Scotland for allowing me to use their extraordinary stud dog Jet for the Boy Wonder's breeding. I love him to bits and am very proud of his diverse accomplishments

Having sired several nice male offspring for consideration, Boy Wonder is retired from outside breedings. We love the subtance, soundness, big side movement, and superb working talent we are seeing in his puppies to date. Boy won the stud dog class at the 2014 National Specialty, and placed 3rd in 2015.