Love, love, love.

Deuce was named for his two blue eyes.

Deuce’s nicknames: D-dog, Deucer, Deuce Deuce, Double-O, Dub, Dubby

Deuce’s song: The Beatles – “All You Need is Love”

A Decade of Dub

As the resident patriarch, Deuce is a king among kings and appropriately spoiled rotten.  He’s been with me through 6 moves – from the ‘burbs, to the mountains, to the city, to the country.  The epitome of dogliness, he never asks why, and happily does whatever I ask just for a chance to sit by my side and nudge at my hand; undemanding, unassuming, but always at the ready.  Deuce enjoys going for car rides and accompanying me on errands if just for the opportunity to be by my side.  Deuce’s true love is people, of all types.  When he detects so much as a glance in his direction he pulls out all the stops to flirt, batting his eyes, smiling the biggest toothy grin you’ve ever seen, wagging his entire body, nudging unoccupied hands, and chortling his “love song.”  He sneaks up onto laps without ever having to jump (because that’s not allowed), and can roll onto his back for belly rubs straight from a stand.  Deuce is a great running partner – he sees it as “his job” and starts bouncing off the walls upon the slightest motion towards my running shoes.  Though he’s slowing down a bit in his old age, his stamina is incredible and in stark contrast to the calm dog he is around the house.  He also loves a game of frisbee and relishes his role as “fun police” of doggie romps.  Deuce is also a great puppy-sitter and an intuitive professor of puppy-lessons.

As the first dog I trained for competition, Deuce was subject to all my mistakes but took everything in stride and never let handler-induced confusion bog him down, approaching every task with the same eagerness to please.  He loves to work and never passes the opportunity to learn a new trick.  He’s smart, soft, and thoughtful and performs everything with great gusto and a big smile.  Unfortunately, Deuce was hit by a car while jogging with me and suffered a ligament injury in his shoulder, so I discontinued his agility training and herding.  He earned his CD in three trials with two firsts and one second place.  He also is trained through CDX exercises, and I plan to get him back in the ring after a refresher course.