The big, goofy, go anywhere, do anything, always by my side, "just throw it!" brown dog.

Fire Truck is named after his great-grandaddy, Roc, and his daddy, Red. He started with the call name "Fire," which gave rise to an abundance of nicknames. "Fire Truck" is the one that stuck.

Fire Truck's nicknames: Truck, T-Bear, Fire-roasted, Fire Fly, Firefighter, Fire-in-the-hole, Fire Hydrant, Fireball, Fireworks, etc., etc.

Fire Truck's song: The Decembrists - "I Was Meant for the Stage"

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I have always loved Fire Truck’s sire, CH Rockyhill’s Red River (Red) – a stunning liver dog with a bright disposition, natural stage presence, and wicked sense of humor.  Though I wasn’t looking to add another dog to my pack when I visited his litter, Fire Truck was just too much like Red to pass up.  Like his daddy, Fire Truck is completely bombproof, with an intuitive sensibility that makes him trustworthy in any situation. He finds a way to get along with everyone. When excited, Fire Truck must carry something in his mouth. If toys aren’t available, he’ll settle for a shoe, laundry item, shirt sleeve, stick, rock, bottle, etc. Always looking for a laugh, Fire Truck sees life as a stage for his non-stop comedy routine and ropes everyone into his act. He makes me laugh out loud everyday, and I know he is laughing with me. Fire Truck's comedic tendencies are complemented by a bit of a reckless streak.

Lurking beneath Fire Truck’s jester act lies a serious working dog with a passion for retrieving. His athleticism, natural focus, enthusiasm, and eagerness to please make him a joy to train and work. Loaded with confidence, he approaches new tasks with a “can-do” attitude and is always forgiving of handler screw-ups. Fire Truck is a good natural marker, easily earning his Junior Hunter title, and is now working on transitioning to Senior. Handling basics and more advanced marks have really turned his brain on, and a great deal of thoughtfullness is starting to emerge.  He also started agility competition recently and is progressing nicely, getting his first leg at a very hectic trial after being away from training for a month.

Fire Truck shows tremendous promise as an all-purpose gun dog at a very young age, and is equally at home retrieving waterfowl or hunting upland game birds.  His patience in the duck blind is contrasted with dramatic water entries and perseverance when sent for a retrieve.  He is a determined tank of a retriever who never shies from thick cover and possesses the stamina to always get the job done. In the upland field, Fire Truck is a methodical hunter with a great nose.  He holds point on live game and retrieves fighting roosters without so much as a ruffled feather. I love watching him develop in the field - he just keeps getting better and better with more experience.

Fire Truck was slow to mature physically but managed to pick up a puppy sporting Group 1 before entering his gangly adolescence. Fire Truck finished his Championship with a bang, going BOB under breeder-judge Ann Yuhasz for his third major and final points. A muscular and tall (25"), yet well-proportioned dog, Fire Truck has a level topline transitioning to a proper croup and tailset, superb front and rear angulation, a deep forechest with pronounced prow, and a strong neck. His movement is effortless and balanced, and especially gorgeous on the side. He has a soft expression and typey headpiece, with a strong jaw. His hazel eyes continue to darken with age and his dark liver coat continues to feather, though he sheds out considerably in the hot summer months. 

Fire Truck sired a litter out of our own, Delilah. As we have promising young males available for stud from that litter, Fire Truck is now retired.