“Who you callin’ Runt?”

Jasper is named after the artist Jasper Johns, and the PBR bucking bull Little Yellow Jacket.

Jasper’s nicknames: Runt, Runty Roo, Micro-machine, Jay, J-mon

Jasper’s song: Wu Tang Clan – Bring Da Ruckus



What Jasper lacks in size he makes up for in attitude and there is never a dull moment when the little red rocket is around.  A man of action, Jasper capitalizes on every opportunity to further his ambitions of world domination and always keeps me on my toes with his antics.  Hard charging and full-tilt in everything he does, Jasper never thinks twice about his plan of action, and never looks back once committed to it.  Despite his too cool for school attitude, Jasper is a master snuggler and reserves a special affection for his “people.”

Jasper’s energy is primarily channeled through his great obsession, the frisbee.  Athletic and acrobatic, Jasper stops at nothing to pluck a frisbee out of the sky and charges back to do it all over, again, and again, and again.  He’s earned a handful of placements in disc dog competitions and his airborne contortionism is always a crowd-pleaser.  Jasper’s love of the frisbee is especially handy for agility training, which he approaches with an equivalent drive and passion.  Jasper is a challenging dog to handle due to his early obstacle commitment and need for speed on course, but we’re getting better at “reading” each other and he is titled in a number of agility venues.  A natural stock dog, Jasper tried his hand at driving and shows great promise moving cattle, though he is a bit too much dog for sheep.  Unfortunately, my novice handling skills are no match for his talent and drive.

Agility photos courtesy of Doghouse Arts.