Nutter by day, princess by night, and a once-in-a-lifetime kind of dog.

Layla is named after the famous bucking bull, Western Wishes, and the Clapton song, Layla. In Arabic, Layla means 'dark-haired beauty' - all too appropriate for this girl.

Layla's nicknames: Pie, Pie-Oh-My

Layla's song: Eric Clapton - "Layla"

DOB: 5/18/04
Jet x Layla litter

Jordan x Layla litter
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The benevolent matriarch of Flyway Farm and diva extraordinaire, Layla keeps the peace in the pack relying only on her wiley ways and without ever having to raise a lip or issue a growl. Armed with a bubbly personality and lust for life, Layla seeks to make friends with anyone and everyone she meets, especially kids. Her perpetually wagging tail and “look at me” attitude never fail. Despite her independent love of everyone, Layla is always in-tune with me, seeming to know what I'm thinking or feeling often before I do - an endearing trait that has created an unbreakable bond. Confident in any situation, she takes everything in stride and is always looking at the bright side of life. Layla is easy to have around the house - she settles nicely and is the only dog in my pack who is completely trustworthy when left alone, even with food on the counter. A wonderfully patient and attentive Mum, Layla has very much enjoyed raising her litters. Layla's off-spring inherit her type, superb temperament, general confidence, and fantastic working abilities.

At home, Layla is always at my feet and never passes an opportunity to lounge on the couch, but once set to a task, she is full-tilt.  Motivated by a love of the game, Layla is a highly trainable dog who loves to learn new things.  Her explosive drive, determination, and independence are balanced by exceptional biddability and focus.  She is a fast and athletic retriever; a speed demon on land and in the water.  An excellent marker with endless perseverance, she easily earned her Junior Hunter and went on to complete her Senior Hunter with four passes in a row over a two week period. Layla has shown great promise to continue her hunt test career as we train towards Masters. Attentive on her blinds and independently reliable on multiple marks, Layla rarely challenges a line or cast and needn't be told more than once not to do something. Thanks to some patience from my training buddies, Layla has learned that steadiness is a requirement to play her favorite game and now sports impeccable line manners.  Layla recently started competing in agility and has earned her titles with mostly first place runs. As she settles into the trial-mode, her speed on course is beginning to approach what it is in training.

Layla’s passion for work and birds shines especially bright in the upland field.  I'm fortunate that she points live game because she works fields with the speed, independent confidence, and stamina of a pointer.  She is a soft-mouthed and self-reliant retriever, and will work any obstacle – ditches, tule thickets, and thick cover. Layla is bold in the water and will push through very long swims and all manner of cover to get her birds. She settles nicely in a blind and is an always reliable duck dog. However, she prefers to be running free in a field.

Layla easily earned her championship with four majors before we became distracted by other venues.  She is a feminine bitch with adequate bone.  Layla is nicely angulated in the front and rear, has a level topline, a proper tailset, tight feet, and correct length of neck. She lacks a bit of fore-chest, though it doesn't much affect her movement, which is clean, graceful and efficient.  Layla’s headpiece is especially gorgeous – a well-proportioned, one-piece head with a correct ear-set, intelligent expression, and dark almond-shaped eyes.  She tends not to carry a dense coat, but has adequate feathering.

Layla brought us 10 wonderful puppies and is now retired.