November 18-21 - Eric & Michelle rack up a ton of breed wins with Vita, Riley, and Kate, including 2 Grand Champion majors for Vita and an Owner-Handler Group 1 for Riley. Congrats guys!

November 19/20 - Steve and Jo's superstar Valley (FF Down in the Valley TKN) earns her 3rd 5pt. major to finish her Championship then wins a huge Best of Breed on her first day as a special. At only 10 months, her future is very bright and we can't wait to see what this team will accomplish.

November 2 - Riley (GCHB FF Templeton Rye BN RE JH CA DJ DJX CGC TKN) earns an invite to the prestigious Eukanuba owner-handler competition by finishing the year as the #3 owner-handled Flat-coated Retriever. What an awesome accomplishment! We wish Eric and Riley the best of luck in Florida this December.

October 29 - Luke (FF Skywalker OA OAJ WC JH, Kismet x Max) adds a Junior Hunter title to his ever-growing collection of performance accolades. Bravo Luke and Chris!

October 28 - Valley (FF Down in the Valley, Minnow x Pilot) earns her second 5-pt major, at the ripe age of 10 months. Wowee. Congrats Jo, Steve, and Valley!

October 15- Gina, Eric, and Michelle's Vita (FF Una Nuova Vita, Kismet x Max) finishes her Championship with 5 and 4 point majors, BOB and BOS wins over specials, and a pull in the Sporting Group. The future is bright for this promising, multi-talented youngster.

June 8-11 - Ramble (Keep Going Oasis of Peace) rocks his first weekend in the ring, racking up 7 points including a big, 5-pt major! Our Anatolian Shepherd, Sultan (Timaru Come at the King), also had an incredible first weekend out with Team Seidlitz, sweeping the classes at Woofstock for 3 majors and 14 points, and winning best puppy in sweeps at the supported entry.

May - Chric McClung and Luke have been very busy, earning his second JH leg, a WC, his Novice Agility titles, followed by his first two Open agility legs - Flyway Farms Skywalker NA NAJ WC. Wowee!

April 15 - Another incredible show day for the Brink's FF Sweet Saison Silhouette (Julep x Riley) . . . a best opp major to finish her Championship, all handled by owner, Dianna. Congrats to this winning team!

March 28/29 - Congrats to the Brinks on their fantastic show weekend with FF Sweet Saison Silhouette (Julep x Riley) - WB on Saturday followed by a 5 pt Best Opp win amid stiff competition on Sunday, all owner-handled by Diana. Congrats guys! You make us proud!

February 3 - A big woot woot to new Champion, Kate (Julep x Riley) owned, loved and adored by Michelle Boytim and Eric Christensen, and owner-handled to her title by Michelle. Well done team!

January 1 - Minnow welcomed 15 beautiful puppies sired by our own Pilot.


December 17/18 - Wowie Zowie!!! Teresa Rodney and Ditto (Minnow x Boy Wonder) were among the five teams to represent Flat-coats at the esteemed AKC Agility Invitational, and they finished as the Top Flat-coated Retriever. We are so proud of you guys!

November 20 - Vixen welcomes 11 puppies, sired by Spader Damens Anjou.

October 22 - Congrats to The Boschken family on their new Champion - CH Flyway Farms Make Mine a Double Kennedy (Julep x Riley).

2016 National Wrap-up:
Minnow (Ch Windfall Ripple in Still Water MH WCX QAA**) WINS the Qualifying to become Qualified All Age, JAMs Steady Singles, finishes her Master Hunter title, qualifies for the FCRSA Hall of Fame, WINS Master Hunter gundog sweeps, and places 2nd in the Field Trial class (thanks Liz Saunders!).
• Kismet (Flyway Farms Kiss Kiss Bang Bang SH WCX) places 3rd in the Qualifying, JAMs Steady Singles, and earns two Master Hunter passes.
• Vixen!!!! (GCh Kistryl Kid Vixen JH WCX) JAMs Steady Singles, earns two Senior Hunter passes (thanks Cheryl Baca!), and places 3rd in a large and competitive Working class (thanks Tracey Fudge!).
• Roxxy (GCh Ch Wingmaster Olly Olly Oxen Free JH WC) WINS the Working class and makes it all the way to the last cut in BOB (thanks Nikki Runyan!).
Boy Wonder (GCh Ch Flyway Farms Boom Boom Pow MH WCX HOF**) WINS the Field Trial class, stands to the last cut in BOB (thanks Wendy Tisdall), and WINS the Stud Dog class with Roxxy and Vixen in tow (thanks Judy Gladson, Wendy, and Nikki!)
• Pilot (Ch Quills Flight Status WC) JAMs Unsteady Singles, earns his Working Certificate, and places 4th in Open Dog.

June 3 - Riley (Minnow x Boy Wonder) - GCH Flyway Farms Templeton Rye BN RATI DJ WC - earns his Junior Hunter! Congrats to handler, Eric, and Michelle!

May 28 - Hearty congrats to Paul and Diana Brink on puppy, Silhouette's (Julep x Riley), owner-handled best of breed major win over specials!

May 22 - Our new cheapest Champion - CH Quills Flight Status / Pilot - finished in two weekends with 19 points and 4 majors! Thanks to Luke & Tammy Seidlitz for piloting Pilot in the ring.

May 11 - Vixen adds a WCX to her name - GCh Ch Kistryl Kid Vixen JH WCX. Many thanks to Cheryl Baca / Cheryl's Dog Training for training and handling Vixen to this title, and keeping her tail wagging the whole way through.

April 24 - Cheap Champion Vixen becomes Cheap GRAND Champion Vixen - GCH Ch Kistryl Kid Vixen JH WC. Thanks to Team Seidlitz for always presenting the wag machine to her best.

Mar. 11 - Juneaux (Blazingstar Kishinena) finished her bench Championship!

Mar. 5 - 6 - Riley (CH FF Templeton Rye BN RA DJ WC RATI) earns his Grand Championship with owner, Eric, at the helm, who also handled him to most of his Grand points. Meanwhile, Riley's daughter Kate (FF Silly of Sazeracs) wins back-to-back WB wins including a major at the tender age of 7 months with owner Michelle at the helm. Congrats to Eric and Michelle on these awesome accomplishements. All in the family!!!

Feb. 27 - Congrats to Marianne Lacey and Keith Edelman on Penny's big BOS win at the Great Western supported. Penny is GCH Flyway Farm's Pie in the Sky.

Jan. 9 - The fantabulous T-Rod's Ditto earns her MACH!!! Not quite 3 years old and already Hall of Fame qualified - MACH CH Flyway Farms Here We Go Again JH MX MXB MXJ MJB. This is an awesome accomplishment for any dog, especially one who started life as a shrinking violet. Way to go T-Rod!!!! We're awed by all you've accomplished.

Jan. 9-10 - Vixen scores HUGE back-to-back Best Opp. wins her first weekend out as a special. Thanks Team Seidlitz for taking on the wag machine and presenting her beautifully.


Dec. 4-7 - Another cheap champion - *CH* Windfall's Ripple in Still Water SH WCX** took a brief hiatus from the field to finish her bench CH in a few short weekends. Puppy Pilot makes his show debut earning 9 points and 2 majors. Both shown by Team Seidlitz. Bravo!

Dec. 5 - BIG CONGRATS to Marianne Lacey and Keith Edelman on their new Grand Champion Flyway Farm's Pie in the Sky!!!

November 13-16 - Riley earns 2x BOB, 2x Select for more GCh points, an O/H Group 2 and 4, and his Dock Diving Senior title, all in one weekend. WOW!

November 8 - Wee little Silhouette makes her show debut in the 4-6 month puppy class and brings home a Puppy Sporting Group 2 with owner Dianna at the helm. Congrats Paula and Dianna!

October 12/13 - A most sorrowful couple days as we bid final farewell to our veterans, Firetruck and Layla. The Brat Pack will never be the same without them, and we miss them both something fierce.

August 8 - Huge congrats to Teresa Rodney and her new Champion, Ditto (*CH* FF Here We Go Again AX MXJ JH WC), though she'll always be known as "Wiggle" to her closest friends. Now back to the fun stuff!

July 19 - Julep welcomes 10 pups, sired by Riley.

July 18 - Kismet welcomes 7 pups, sired by Max.

July 18/19 - Piloted by Eric, Riley wins back-to-back BOBs and an Owner-handler Group 1!!!!! Congrats to an awesome team!

July 12 - Topper, our Norfolk Terrier, won another Group 3 with Luke Seidlitz at the helm!

July 11 - Big congrats to Keith, Marianne, and their Penny (CH FF Pie in the Sky) for winning BOB, owner-handled.

July 5 - Topper, our Norfolk Terrier, sired a beautiful litter of pups born to the gorgeous Breezy.

July 4/5 - Eric and Michelle's Riley (CH FF Templeton Rye BN DJ RATI WC) picks up more Grand Championship points, including another major, with Eric at the helm. Mama Minnow made her all-breed show debut winning WB & WB/BOW for a major.

June 7 - Vixen (Kistryl Kid Vixen JH WC) finishes her CH with a 5 point BOS win over specials under Judge Michael Faulkner. Our cheapest Champion to date, finishing with all majors, including RWB at our National Specialty. Thanks to Luke Seidlitz and team for piloting the wag machine to her wins.

May 24 - Penny (Ch FF Pie in the Sky) owned by Marriane Lacey and Keith Edelman wins Select Bitch at the GWFCRC supported entry!

May 23/24 - Topper the Norfolk wins a Group 3. Juno wins Best Opp. over a special followed by WB.

May 22 - Kismet was bred to Max.

May 19-22 - Julep was bred to Riley and Maestro.

May 18 - Layla celebrates her 11th birthday. Long live the queen!

May 4/5 - Field Trial Labrador, Faith, was bred to Skyy.

May 3 - Just running for fun, Boy Wonder picks up another Master Hunter Pass. Bravo Boy!

April 12 - Riley, FF Templeton Rye (Minnow x Boy Wonder), earns his RE. Well done, RyeGuy, Eric, and Michelle!

April 4-12 - We enjoyed a fantastic National Specialty. Roxxy - JAM in Breed! Boy Wonder - HOF induction, 3rd in Stud Dog, cut in breed, SS JAM, MH pass. Minnow - SS CHAMP!!!!!, MH Pass, 4th in Field Trial. Vixen - RWB!!!, WC. Kismet - SS JAM, MH pass, WCX

Mar. 15 - A most memorable field weekend resulting in 3 new titles - Kismet SH, Roxxy JH, and Vixen JH - and puppy Juno rocking her hunt test debut with a JH pass. All these young girls promise a bright field future and we're anxious to watch it unfold.

Mar. 9 - The Wonder Guppies (Minnow x Boy) pass their health clearances with flying colors, including 4 for 4 'Excellent' rated hips.

Mar. 8 - A wonderful weekend in the field with friends at the Hills Ferry HRC Hunt Test, with an MH pass for Faith, an SH pass for Kismet, and JH passes for Vixen and Roxxy.

Mar. 1 - Riley scores back-to-back breed wins for his first Grand Champion points. Way to go, Eric, Michelle, and RyeGuy, and thanks to Team Seidlitz for the expert presentation.

Feb. 15 - Faith (Gotta Have Faith QAA) places 2nd in the Amateur (behind baby daddy, Saber) at the Sagehens Field Trial.

Feb. 1 - Freedom (FC AFC Watermark's The Black Pearl) and Luann Pleasant win the Open at the San Jose Field Trial!

Jan. 24/25 - Boy Wonder puppy Dash (Kistryl Mr. Incredible to the Rescue), owned by Liz Farwell, finishes his Championship at 15 months, while our Roxxy (GCh Wingmaster Olly Olly Oxen Free WC) finishes her Grand Championship at 20 months. Bravo, babies!

Jan. 17 - The Wonder Guppies (Boy x Minnow) celebrate their 2nd Bday! Kismet celebrated with back-to-back WB wins for her show debut, while Teresa's rockstar, Ditto, celebrated with her first Double Q and MACH points in the agility ring. Brava, babies! We are very proud of all these pups and thankful to their owners for making them shine.

Jan. 2-4 - 2015 couldn't be off to a better start. Back-to-back 4pt majors for puppy Vixen's show debut. Back-to-back 4 pt majors for Eric & Michelle's Riley to finish his CH. Back-to-back-to-back 5 pt GCh majors for Roxxy's first weekend in the specials ring. And, Teresa's Ditto tearing up the agility ring, earning her OA and AXJ.Dec. 7-8 - TRod's Ditto (FF Here We Go Again JH NA OAJ WC) wins back-to-back 5 point majors!


Dec. 7 - Penny (Ch FF Pie in the Sky) and Marianne Lacey score a big Best of Opposite win following the GWFCRC supported. Bravo Team Penny!

Dec. 6 - Roxy finishes her CH with a big 5 pt. major at the GWFCRC supported. She won points every time she stepped in the ring. Meanwhile, Papa Boy Wonder wins Best of Breed from the Field Trial class to wrap up an incredible year in the show ring. Many thanks to Luke and Tammy Seidlitz for always handling the Flyway Farm crew to their very best.

Nov. 23 - Ditto followed up last week's amazing showing in the field by rocking the agility ring and finishing her NAJ. Congrats T-Rod and Ditto!

Nov. 19 - Lattador Freedom runs 6 series at the National Open with Luann Pleasant. We are very proud of this fantastic team.

Nov. 17 - The Boy Wonder scores an invite to the prestigious Westminster KC dog show. Invites are limited to the top 5 dogs in their breed. What a truly amazing year for Luke Seidlitz and The Boy Wonder. Not in our wildest dreams . . .

Nov. 15/16 - Meanwhile, north-of-the-border Wonder Guppy Parker earns two RN legs. Congrats Tammy Bergen! You two make a great team.

Nov. 15/16 - Ditto (FF Here We Go Again) earns her JH in two short weeks of hunt tests. This is the 3rd JH for the talented Wonder Guppies litter. Way to go Teresa Rodney! Not to be outdone by his sis, Riley (FF Templeton Rye) picks up his 2nd and 3rd JH legs.

Nov. 7-10 - The fantastic Riley (FF Templeton Rye) added RA to his ever-growing list of titles, and followed it up with two RE legs. Congrats Eric and Michelle.

Nov. 1 - Juneaux (Blazingstar Kishinena) earns another major in the show ring with Team Seidlitz handling.

October 25/26 - T.Rod's Ditto (FF Here We Go Again WC) picks up a pair of JH legs. Awesomesauce!

October 4/5 - Juneaux (Blazingstar Kishinena) kicks off her show career picking up 5 points, including a major BOS win over a special.

September 28 - Piloted by Luann Pleasant, Lattador Freedom (FC AFC Watermark's The Black Pearl) wins the Sagehens Open to add FC to her name and qualify for the National.

September 21 - Kismet (FF Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) earns her JH.

September 19 - Riff Raff (There Goes the Neighborhood) places 3rd in the Derby with Luann Pleasant.

August 31 - Boy Wonder wins a Group 3. Way to go Luke Seidlitz.

August 29 - Riff Raff (There Goes the Neighborhood) places 4th in the Derby with Luann Pleasant.

August 23 - Bazooka becomes *CH* Flyway Farms Pardon My Gun JH WC. Our first breed Champion from the awesome Wonder Guppies litter.

July 28 - Eric and Michelle's Riley (FF Templeton Rye WC BN RN) earns his Dock Jumper Junior title. What a lucky dog to partake in so many fun dog sports.

July 20 - Lattador Riff Raff (There Goes the Neighborhood) scores 4th in the PRTA Derby with Luann Pleasant handling.

July 5 - Boy Wonder wins a big Group 3 in Ventura with Luke Seidlitz handling.

June 1-6 - The Brat Pack has a blast at the Flat-coat National . . . Roxy - WB & BOW, JH leg and WC; Vixen 2nd in 6-9 sweeps and reg, JH leg; Juno 3rd in 9-12 sweeps and 4th in reg; Kismet 2nd in 15-18, JH & SH legs, WC; Bazooka 1st in 15-18 sweeps, 2nd in reg, WC; Riley 1st 15-18, RN title, BN leg, WC; Ditto 3rd in 15-18, NAJ leg, WC; and papa Boy Wonder Best Stud Dog.

May 18 - FF matriarch Layla celebrates her 10th birthday! Long live the queen.

May 17/18 - A new Junior Hunter! Bazooka goes 4 for 4 to become FF Pardon My Gun *JH*. Minnow and Lattador, Freedom, earn Master legs, and Riley earns his first Junior leg with first-time handler Eric at the helm, and doing an awesome job. Congrats Eric and Michelle! We're anxious to watch your field adventure unfold.

May 10/11 - A new Grand Champion! Julep finished her grand in only 3 weekends of specialing. Bazooka goes WD Saturday and BOW for another major, bringing his point tally to 12 with 3 majors. Boy gets back into the show swing with BOS Saturday and BOB Sunday.

May 3/4 - A new Master Hunter!!! Boy Wonder took a break from the breed ring to finish his title. We also learned that he is eligible for the FCRSA Hall of Fame. Way to go Boy! Following in their Pa's pawsteps, Wonder Guppies Kismet and Bazooka both earned their first two JH legs.

April 25 - 27 - Lattador Riff Raff rocks his first derby with a second place, while Boy Wonder celebrates his 5th birthday with a master pass and 2 senior passes. Well done, boys!

April 19 - A great dog show weekend with Boy Wonder winning back-to-back breed wins, Julep back-to-back BOS wins for 2 more GCh majors, and another major for puppy Bazooka.

April 13 - Lattador Freedom places 2nd in the open.

Mar. 20 - 23 - Field Labrador Free-to gets a third in the Open! And another great weekend of pageantry with Boy Wonder picking up big breed wins, Riley BOW one day and WD one day to bring his champ point total to 10, and Julep BOS two days and select one day for 14 GCh points her first weekend out as a special. Thanks to Team Seidlitz for rocking the Flatcoat ring with the FF crew.

Mar. 15/16 - A new Champion!! Congrats to Marianne, Keith, and Penny (FF Pie in the Sky, Remus x Lilah) finishing with her second 5-pt. Best Opp win over specials, then winning BOS again for a 5-pt. GCH major. Way to go Team Penny! Uncle Boy Wonder went BOB both days.

Mar. 3 - At the Fiesta Cluster Riley (Boy x Minnow) goes 3 for 3 BOW, adding 5 points to his CH quest while Boy Wonder wins back-to-back-to-back BOBs.

Feb. 21-24 - The FF crew rocks the show scene. Riley (Boy x Minnow) earns his Int'l CH and a Int'l Group 1 in AZ, Penny (Remus x Lilah) RWB to a 5 pt. major, then BoS over specials for a 5 pt. major in SoCal, baby Ditto (Boy x Minnow) RWB to Penny, and our own Roxy puppy (Boy x Wingmaster Khyber) kicking off her show career by winning BOW 4 days and BoS over specials 3 days. Congrats all around!

Feb 8/9 - Minnow runs and passes her first Master Hunter test.

Feb 1/2 - Boy Wonder wins back-to-back group placements. We hear that he wrapped up his first month of specialing ranked second in the nation. Many thanks to Boy's handler, Luke Seidlitz. Way to go Team Wonder Boy!

Jan 4. - Just in case we didn't celebrate enough on New Years Eve, we kicked off 2014 with a new Champion, Julep, and a new Grand Champion, Boy Wonder, who finished his Grand in two weekends with all BOB majors. Riley followed up his huge Best in Sweepstakes win by earning his first champ points, becoming the third pointed Wonder Guppy, who haven't even celebrated their first birthday. It's gonna be a good year.

Jan. 3 - Wow! Wow! Wow! Puppy Riley (Minnow x Boy) wins a huge and highly competitive Sporting Dog Sweepstakes at the Southern California Sporting Dog Fanciers show. Big congrats to Eric, Michelle, and the RyeGuy! The next round's on you ;-).


Dec. 23 - Faith (our field trial Labrador) is in season and will be bred to Saber.

Dec. 6-9 - a most memorable dog show weekend. Boy Wonder embarks on his Grand Ch quest by winning Best of Breed 3 of 4 days, including a GWFCRC supported BOB from the field trial class, followed by a Group 2! Mama Layla struts her stuff to back-to-back Best Opp. wins from the 9+ veterans class. Wonder Guppies Ditto and Bazooka both earn points, with Bazooka also winning Best Puppy on Friday and BPIS on Saturday. To top it off, we had a blast reuniting with great friends thanks to the GWFCRC.

Dec. 8 - Boy Wonder puppy, Sager (Wingmaster Seminole Wind), earns his Junior Hunter! Congrats Alison.

Nov. 31 - Bazooka kicks off his show career with a bang, earning a major!

Nov. 2/3 - Riley (Minnow x Boy) rocks his first performance event, earning two Rally Novice legs, one with a first place finish. Congrats Eric and Michelle! And Boy Wonder puppy Sager (Wingmaster Seminole Wind) earns two Junior Hunter legs. Congrats Alison!

Oct. 19/20 - Julep (Lilah x Remus) racks up some more breed points thanks to her BFF and handler, Kerry Forni. Just one point left to go, and only defeated once in the classes.

June 30 - Anton is headed for the Master National!!!!! After completing his title in April, Anton has gone on to pass 5 more Master tests, qualifying him to run with the big dogs in Kansas this year. Anton is owned by David and Kelly Kunkle of Chicago, IL and expertly trained and handled by Mitch White of Gamekeepers Retrievers.

June 9 - Lilah finishes her Senior Hunter title to become CH Flyway Farms Tears From Laughter *SH* WCX, and Boy Wonder picks up his 4th Master leg. A big thanks to the GWFCRC for a wonderful test weekend.

June 3 - We join the Flat-coat world in mourning the loss of a phenomenal breed ambassador - Jet, Eng Sh Ch Vbos the Kentuckian. UK's winningest Flat-coat, and Cruft's Best in Show winner as a 9 year old. We feel very lucky to enjoy Jet's legacy through his son Boy Wonder.

June 2 - The Kunkle's Anton earns his 8th MH pass, and 4th pass towards Master National qualification with Mitch White at the helm. He's on some roll with just 2 passes to go!

May 26 - Anton earns his 3rd Master National qualifying pass with Gamekeeper Retriever's Mitch White handling.

May 12 - David and Kelly Kunkle's Anton earns his 2nd MN pass, and 6th Master Pass. Woot!

May 11 - Weeks after finishing his Junior title, Gail and Rob's Kodi rocks the Working Certificate test to become Flyway Farms Thunder on the Mountain JH *WC*. Congrats to an awesome team!

Apr. 22 - 26 - we had a blast at the FCRSA National Specialty and were thrilled to see Boy Wonder place in the Field Trial class and Julep make the cut in a gorgeous line-up of bred-by bitches.

Apr. 20 - A big woot woot to David and Kelly Kunkle's new Master Hunter, Anton - CH Flyway Farms Te Deum *MH* WCX. We're thrilled to bits with all this team has accomplished and excited to watch their journey continue towards the Master National.

Apr. 21 - Boy Wonder earns back-to-back MH passes thanks to Mitch White.

Apr. 13 - Julep (Remus x Lilah) earns her JH to become Flyway Farms Liquor is Quicker *JH* WC.

Mar. 9th - A new Junior Hunter! - Flyway Farm's Thunder on the Mountain *JH*. Kodi passed 4 for 4 tests to earn his title, owner trained and handled by Gail and Rob. We've had a blast watching this team throughout their journey.

Feb. 17/18 - Julep (Remus x Lilah) kicked off her show career with a big bang, winning BOB then BOS for two 5-pt. majors from her puppy class . . . a real honor with so many lovely dogs in the ring. Thanks to Kerry for making her look like a veritable contender, and to Keli and David for the awesome San Jose hospitality . . . we would've had a blast even without the big wins!

Feb. 16 - Big congrats to Gail and Rob, and their first ever dog Kodi, who completed his 3rd JH pass with flying colors. Kudos to an awesome team we are proud to know!

Jan. 17 - The Wonder Guppies have landed! Seven healthy pups.


Dec. 27 - A tearful farewell to 9-week old Pink, the pup we kept from the Sure Fire Hit litter, diagnosed with an extremely rare congenital defect she would not recover from. We miss her just as she was, and all she promised to become.

Dec. - Bittersweet puppy send-offs for the Sure Fire Hit litter.

Nov. 4 - Remus, sire of our 'Laughing at the Moon' litter, wins Best in Show at NEFRA. Congrats to breeder & owner Hayley Tomlinson of Rainesgift kennel.

Oct. 20 - The 'Sure Fire Hit' litter arrived. 3 boys and 3 girls. Mum and pups are doing great.

Oct. 17 - Fire Truck celebrates his first veteran birthday with a run on the levee road and a swimming party with friends. We feel very fortunate to have such vibrant oldsters.

July 30 - David and Kelly Kunkle's superstar Anton earns his third Master leg, with trainer and handler Mitch White at the helm. Rock on Team Anton! Three down, two to go.

July 28 - Beckett earns her NW2 Title by placing first out of 47 dogs - a truly unique success bringing wonderful diversity to the list of FF dog talents. Super job Kevern & Beckett - we are proud of you!

July 22 - Anton earns his second Master Hunter pass. Big congrats to Kelly and David Kunkle and trainer / handler Mitch White. He's on a roll now.

June - The FF crew stocks up on ribbons at the National Specialty. Boy - Qual JAM, SS JAM, SH leg, MH leg, WCX. Minnow - SS JAM, SH leg, JH leg, WC, WCX. Lilah - SS JAM, SH leg, WCX. Layla - SS JAM, MH leg. Puppy Julep - WC & 4th in show class. David and Kelly Kunkle's, Anton - MH leg (handled by Mitch White). Wowie Zowie!

April 21 - Minnow, the little big fish, swam with the little big dogs to earn an all breed derby JAM. Way da' go, girl!

Mar. 13 - Godspeed Jordan, sire of our first litter, and best friend to his owner, Kathi Leonhardt. He leaves a grand legacy, and many mournful hearts.

Mar. 3 - 5 - Boy Wonder finishes his bench Championship with 2 more majors including a 5 pt. BOB, and goes on to win another BOB in his second specials appearance.


Nov. 28 - The puppy pen is eerily empty after bittersweet farewells to the 'Laughing at the Moon' pups. Congrats to the new owners of this super bunch of pups, and a hearty welcome to the FF family.

Nov. 16 - FF joins the Rainesgift gang in mourning the passing of their grand old dam, Berrie. May her great grandbabies follow in her pawsteps.

Oct. 1/2 - BIG congrats to Gail, Rob and their pup, Kodi, who earned his first two JH legs at the Sagehens RC hunt test. Kodi is their first dog and they've done such a great job with him.

September 13 - Delilah welcomed nine puppies. Mum and pups are doing well.

August 20 - Huge congrats to David's superstar Anton for placing 3rd out of 24 all-breed dogs in the Monterrey Bay Retriever Club's Super Singles series. What a grand achievement for a young Flat-coat.

August 8 - Delilah's ultrasound shows a large litter of Flat-coat puppies is on it's way. Learn more about this breeding here.

July 2 - Happy first Birthday to the Stitch n' Giggles pups - Addie, Ember, and Kodi. My how time flies.

June 19 - Boy Wonder passes his health clearances with flying colors, including OFA 'Excellent' hips.

June 5 - Anton continues his unstoppable ribbon streak, this time earning his WCX. Congrats to Kelly, David, and Anton.

March 26 - Boy Wonder JAMs an all-breed derby. Way to go Boy Boy!

March 24 - Lilah steps back into the show ring for the first time since raising her litter to finish her Championship. Thanks to Krystal and Michael McGuire for showing her.

January 21/22 - Boy Wonder takes a weekend break from the field and picks up a few more breed points.


November 13 - Two weeks after earning his SH, Anton finishes his Championship. Congrats to David and Kelly on their wonderfully versatile boy.

November 6 - A new Senior Hunter! Proving he's much more than just a pretty face, Anton took a weekend off from his show schedule to complete his Senior title with style. Congrats to David and Kelly Kunkle, and their dual-purpose boy.

September 4/5 - Anton continues his winning streak in the show ring, this time winning Best Opp. over a special, and then BOW the next day for another coupla points.

August - Beckett has had one super summer, first earning her NW1 in canine scent work, placing 3rd out of 48 dogs, then making her debut in lure coursing and dock diving. She is a lucky girl to live with Kevern and Steph!

August 27/28 - Bittersweet farewells to the Stitch n' Giggles puppies. A fun bunch who will be much missed but luckily remain local so we can watch them grow up.

August 7/8 - A huge congrats to Kelly, David, and Anton! Anton kicked off his grown-up show career with a big bang - back-to-back Best of Winners wins for two 4-point majors.

July 2 - We welcomed the 'Stitch & Giggles' litter in the wee hours of the morning. Lilah has taken to motherhood like an old pro and is thrilled with her brood.

June 11 - The FF 'triever pack had a very successful time at the Flat-coat National Specialty. Layla - MH leg and first in the Field Trial show class, Fire Truck - SH leg, WCX, and Steady Singles JAM, Lilah - first in Unsteady Singles and a WC, Trygger - Unsteady Singles JAM, Boy Wonder - Steady Singles JAM and 2nd in his sweepstakes show class.

May 29 - Fire Truck finishes his Senior Hunter title in Horicon, WI! Thanks to the Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club - great folks, beautiful grounds, and fun tests - we had a blast!

May 21 - Congrats to Beckett on completing her odor recognition test to earn her NW1 from the National Association of Canine Scent Work! Beckett is owned, loved, trained and handled by Kevern and Steph in Pasadena, CA.

May 16 - Boy Wonder earns a 4-point major in the show ring!

May 2 - Lilah was bred to Stitch, and we anxiously await the pitter-patter of puppy feetsies in late June.

April 25 - Trygger finishes his Junior Hunter title while Fire Truck hammers a tough senior test . . . just one leg to go.

April 20 - The pack mourns the loss of it's patriach, Deuce. My marathon trainer, faithful protector, and loyal co-pilot. The pack referee and puppy-raiser. A quiet listener, a forgiving heart, a patient teacher, and a selfless soul. Thank you, Dubby, for all the memories and the awesome legacy . . . we won't let you down!

April 17 - Congrats to Boy Wonder's daddy, Jet (Sh Ch Vbos The Kentuckian), and Jim Irvine, on Jet's 50th CC, with a BIS win at the FRC of Scotland show, two weeks after his BIS win at the FCRS Champ Show.

April 17 - Deuce celebrates his 10th birthday with an epic mountain party in Mammoth - a decade of Dub; a decade of love.

April 10/11 - Anton & David do it again! Not even the gale force winds and torrential downpour could deter Anton from hammering two more Senior tests, and still only 25 months old! Hoping to follow in his half-bro's paw-steps, Boy Wonder earned his JH in two short weeks, going 4 for 4 in tests at just 11 months old. Fire Truck also picked up a senior leg, and was running awesome all weekend.

March 27/28 - A big 'woot woot' to David and Anton (Layla x Jordan) for earning an SH leg just one month after celebrating Anton's 2nd Bday. Fire Truck joined Anton with a senior orange ribbon. The younguns kicked off their hunt test careers in style - Trygger and Boy Wonder both earned 2 JH legs. The girls sat this weekend out, though not without a little protest. A most fun kick-off for the HT season, including the rare opportunity to run under some flat-coat owning judges.

March 21 - So long pheasies . . . until next season.

March - Layla x Jordan babes, Delilah and Anton, get stellar marks on their orthopedic clearances.

February 20 - The Layla x Jordan babies celebrated their 2nd Bdays. We are certain Willow was celebrating with us at the bridge, chasing endless tennis balls.

January 3 - Another fun agility weekend. Fire Truck finishes his NA and earns Open Standard and Excellent Jumpers legs, while Layla earns her first Excellent Standard and Masters Jumpers leg.


November 29 - a fun agility weekend . . . Layla finished her AXJ with a first place run and Fire Truck finished his OAJ with a first place run.

November 23 - Delilah picks up another coupla breed points and is now just one point shy of finishing her Championship.

November 21 - Trygger, Anton, and Boy Wonder (at just 6 months old!) earn their WCs, and Layla earns her WC/X at the Great Western Flat-coated Retriever Club's test in Chino, CA.

October 18 - Delilah goes WB and BW for a 4 pt. major in the breed ring, and the following weekend retrieves two limits of mallards on NorCal's waterfowl opener.

October 17 - Fire Truck celebrates his fourth birthday with an epic upland hunt. Happy birthday bestest buddy bear!

August 16 - Delilah goes WB and BOS at Mensona for another coupla points.

June 7 - Delilah earns two majors at the Woofstock shows while Trygger celebrates his 7-month birthday by going BOW for his first major.

May 11 - Littermates Anton and Delilah finish their JH titles!

Apr. 27 - Layla delivered a single boy pup via C-section. 'The Boy Wonder' is healthy, vibrant, and very spoiled. Info and pics on the litter page. We will repeat the breeding in fall '09.

Mar. 13 - Pheasie season is rolling to a close. Lots of great memories from our countless happy hunts.

Mar. 7 - David K. and Anton returned to Los Banos for another JH leg. Congrats, boys! 2 down, 2 to go.

Feb. 27 - Fire Truck goes BOB under breeder-judge Ann Yuhasz to finish his Championship with a third major! Way to go Truck-E-Bear, and a big thanks to Michael and Krystal for showing him.

Feb. 26 - Layla was bred to Jet. If all goes well, pups should arrive in late April.

Feb. 20 - Happy Birthday to the Jordan x Layla kids. I can't believe it's been a year already. Delilah celebrated her big day with an epic pheasie hunt. Thanks to all for the wonderful updates.

Feb. 12 - Layla is in season and will be bred in the next couple of weeks.

Jan. 31 - Litter page updated. Layla will be bred to Jet (Eng Sh Ch Vbos the Kentuckian).

Jan. 26 - The barn rennovation is nearing completion. Check out the new 'old barn.'

Jan. 24/25 - Fire Truck goes WD and BOW Saturday, and WD Sunday for his second major. Puppies Delilah and Anton had a great time at their first show, and eventually learned how to stand still and wag their tails without wagging their entire bodies.


Dec. 6/7 - Layla has a great agility weekend earning two Open Standard legs with first and second placements to finish her open title, and one Excellent Jumpers leg with a third place.

Nov. 9 - Layla stands among 5 qualifiers to finish her Senior Hunter title. Puppy Delilah earned her first Junior pass, though she was just there to play, which she did.

Oct. 30 - Litter planned with Layla for spring '09. Stud TBD.

Oct. 26 - Layla earns two Senior Hunter legs with style galore and was one of only 6 qualifiers on Sunday.

Oct. 19 - Layla completes her Open Jumpers title (OAJ) and earns an Excellent Jumpers leg with a first place. Fire Truck earns an Open Jumpers leg with a first place.

August 28 - Congrats to Nick and Will for placing 6th in Dog Showmanship at the County Fair with the youngest dog entered. You make a great team.

May 26 - Fire Truck's OFA reports are in - 'Excellent' hips, and 'Normal' elbows and patellas.

May 25 - Fire Truck completes his novice jumpers title (NAJ) with a first place run and earns a novice standard leg with a first place. Layla gets open jumpers leg with a first place.

May 18 - Teague, now Willow, has a new home - congrats to Nick and the rest of the Funke family.

May 10/11 - Fire Truck goes WD Saturday and WD & BoW Sunday at Camelia Capital KC show.

April 23 - Layla x Jordan pup available to show home.

April 22 - Layla is back from maternity leave, and loving every minute of working in the field. Follow our spring training adventures.

April 20 - Layla's pups have gone to their new homes. Things sure are quiet around here, and I miss them already.

March 20 - Hunting season has come to a sad close, but what a season it was. Lots of great memories.

Feb. 20 - Layla x Jordan pups are here! Layla whelped 9 pups over the course of 3 hours in the early morning, (and less than 36 hours after hunting up pheasies)! 5 girls and 4 boys.

Jan. 20 - Layla earns NA title at Rose City Classic and an open jumpers leg. Fire Truck earns very first agility leg in novice jumpers class.


Dec. 19, 2007 - Layla was bred to Jordan (CH SR Hallbent Most Happy Fella SH WCX CGC). If the breeding takes, pups will arrive in late February.

Oct., 2007 - Fire Truck earns his first major.