Enjoying the legacy of multi-talented parents and pedigree, this litter promises all-around pups suitable for hunting, show, and performance roles. Attention paid to temperament and health ensures, most importantly, top-notch companions.

Delilah's first litter, by Can Ch Affinity Highlight JH RN WCI, is turning out to be everything we'd hoped for - personality plus youngsters with sound movement, excellent working potential, and always reliable temperaments. We're thrilled by the opportunity to utilize another dual-purpose dog for this litter.

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BVA 3:3 hips, normal elbows and patellas.
Eyes clear of genetic occular disease, including gonioscopy.

As Rainesgift's resident man-dog, Remus is kept on his toes by the lovely Rainesgift gals, including his 13 year old grand-mum. Exemplifying the breed's dual-purpose, Remus is a stunningly handsome lad with the show record to match, while also a Shooting Dog Certificate holder and a picking-up dog for the Monkwood shooting team. Puppies from Remus' previous litters are proving to follow in his pawsteps, enjoying success in show and field, and sharing his affable and energetic nature. An excellent complement to Delilah in all ways, we are thrilled to incorporate Remus into the Flyway Farm family, and are thankful to his breeder and owner, Hayley Tomlinson, for the opportunity to do so. Learn more about Remus.

OFA: 'Good' hips, normal elbows and patellas
CERF: 'Clear' of genetic occular disease

As my ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ dog, Delilah is a sweet and quiet house dog who explodes into action when set to task. Utterly adaptable and friendly to all, Delilah is a ‘go anywhere, do anything’ gal with an adventurous spirit and keen sense of humor. A biddable and driven worker, Delilah is a pleasure to work in any venue. Though earning her hunt test titles with ease and winning the Unsteady Singles Competition at the 2010 National Specialty, Delilah's full potential is witnessed on the hunt. Living up to her promised versatility, Delilah has often enjoyed a morning retrieving waterfowl followed by an afternoon pheasant hunt. An attentive retriever and bold water dog, Delilah has earned a regular stoop in the duck blind, while in the upland field, Delilah's excellent nose, methodical quartering pattern, and airborne flush make her a bird-finding force to be reckoned with. Complementing her athletic spirit and endless perseverance, Delilah sports an elegant build not lacking in power. Endowed with a strong front, and angulation harmonizing her length of loin, Delilah exhibits clean and balanced extension on the move, with exceptional reach and drive. Her silhouette is complemented by a strong topline and exceptionally glossy, easy-care coat. After this litter we plan to continue her hunt test career and perhaps return to the breed ring, all as her busy hunting schedule permits. Read more about Delilah.