"I happy a lot!"

After trying out a lot of names, Trygger is the one that stuck. In accordance with his English Garden litter theme, Trygger's registered name comes from Lytes Carey Manor in Somerset.

Trygger's nicknames: Frat Boy, The Muffin, Trygger-happy, Tryggeroo, LiTTle LiTTle, Party Pants.

Trygger's song: The Beastie Boys - Fight for Your Right (To Party).

DOB: 11/6/08
Trygger's pedigree

Though I'd planned to fly home from Toronto with a girl pup, I couldn't pass-up this special little man. While picking-up puppies from their pen for evaluation, my jaw dropped when I spotted him bounding towards me with his now signature smile. At 8 weeks, he was oozing with the breed type I love, and demonstrated himself as a fearless and explosively joyous little pup with an unusual natural retrieve. Needless to say, I was smitten and couldn't stand the thought of leaving him behind, so Trygger and I embarked on our long trip back to California.

The resident frat boy of Flyway Farm, Trygger is a perpetually happy chap who works hard to ensure everyone enjoys life just as much as he does. Trygger is always on the look-out for fun and adventure and relishes new experiences, especially those involving his bestest human and canine companions. A shameless love bug with a most soulful gaze, Trygger is an easy dog to fall in love with and will often invite himself into an open lap for a snuggle. Adaptable and friendly to all, Trygger gets along famously with all he meets, and his innocuous and playful nature has earned him a huge fan club, especially among the resident puppies. Though confident and self-assured, Trygger is very eager to please and do right, making him an easy house dog and just a dang nice dog to have around.

Though slow to mature in the field, Trygger demonstrates great aptitude for field work and gundog duties. He earned his WC at 12 months, his Junior Hunter soonafter, and JAMmed in Unsteady Singles at the 2010 Flat-coat National. He is a bold, and birdy youngster with a strong retrieving instinct, an utterly soft mouth, and a lovely natural hold. Since transitioning to advanced level work, Trygger's focus and work ethic have really turned on, providing an excellent complement to his enthusiasm and sunny disposition. He is a very willing and forgiving dog who responds to praise as well as he accepts correction. Clever, responsive, courageous and driven, Trygger is fast excelling through his lining and handling drills, which he approaches with the same gusto as the rest of life's great adventures. Though not steady in time for last year's waterfowl season, Trygger more than proved his worth in the upland field as a fearless and thoughtful game-finder with a naturally tight quartering pattern. Trygger is also a very operant little dog willing to risk failure. He happily works for toy and food rewards.

Oozing breed type, Trygger earned a major in the show ring at 7 months before succumbing to the adolescent ganglies. He is now taking some time to mature before hitting the show scene again. However, I can already see the stupendous boy he is to become, having retained his phenomenal one-piece head, superb angles, and overall balance from puppyhood. He will certainly be well worth the wait.

Trygger hails from Susan Ware's Rowansgaard Kennel near Toronto, Canada.